About Us

We are a team of internet savvy citizens, who love ecommerce, online shopping and good deals that comes with it.

The idea to help consumers like all of us, to discover interesting products deals and offers. And, for promoters like esellers & affiliate marketers, to share good products and increase earnings, while remaining cost effective.

Deals has proved to work better than ads, while online ad is intrusive, a deal is targetted where the audience is already interested and carries intent to purchase.

Ads vs affiliates

Affiliate marketing is a oldest form of marketing that can be termed as either "trustful referral" or "word of mouth". We see it everyday in form of celebs, influencers, our friends and families, chat groups etc.

Today, most of affiliate earn by promoting products via niche blogging, or on social media via youtube or instagram, where they provide information about various products and reviews. However, it has become super competitive and takes a very long time to build a decent amount of traffic or subscribers base, before even making the first penny. Let alone the ROI for your time and efforts.

And, most of social media platforms such as youtube, facebook and instagram, have a very strict policies and guidelines, where they dont want promoters to eat their advertising revenues. They also take major percentage cut and share very less percentage to real creators. So, In the end, very few are able to make some decent earning and take it seriously as a career. However, many of them get frustrated and drop out.

At awsmdeals, We think of being an affiliate as a very natural human form of sharing and helping others. We also believe, not everyone can be a maker and not everyone can be a promoter, there is a codependency between the two.

We provide a platform for both makers and promoters to benefit from. We are a promotion platform where affiliates and makers can increase their business.